Infopoint Virtual Solutions

Marketing & Social Media Services

You have a Twitter account...a Facebook Instagram account and maybe even a Pinterest account for your blog or business.  You try to tweet, post and pin but see no conversions, no interaction and no return on your time investment.  

Trust me, even we've been there! Knowing the correct way to market yourself, your brand and your business on Social Media channels can feel like such a chore.  Hashtags may seem like learning an entirely new language! 

This is where we come in!  Infopoint Virtual Consulting  can help you learn and execute the correct way to market yourself on Social Media.  We will take control and help you to get those conversions, interactions, followers and even sales.  We have been working with Social Media for a little over 5 years and our clients couldn't be happier with their results.

We can assist you with: 

  • Create, optimize and maintain social networking channels

  • Interact with customers/clients on social media

  • Create engaging & optimized posts and articles

  • Optimize your site (SEO)

  • Conduct keyword research

  • Link building/backlinks

  • Site & business promotion

  • Reaching out to companies to form partnerships

  • Creating print ads for business

  • Create job postings that yield results

  • Respond to customer inquiries VIA social media

  • Schedule social media updates

  • Handle reputation management

  • Hold seminars/webinars with your employees to teach them how to better utilize Social Media for your business.


Are you ready to get serious about your Social Media Marketing?