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Kristin Rumian

Professional Information

Having over 10 years of experience in the Social Media and Virtual Consulting field, I am an organized and self-motivated individual who can help your business succeed.  I am able to use my skills to further and better assist your business with your choice to outsource your projects to my company.  My Social Media skills allow me to help you with creating and/or maintaining  your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or other Social Media accounts as well as using my SEO experience to optimize for better results.  I am an expert in Content Marketing and blog creation and am able to utilize my extensive freelance writing background to create the best and most optimized content for your website.

With a fully stocked home office and skills with executive and personal assisting, I can assist your business with various business functions that can be outsourced. That helps you save money and allows you to spend your time on essential business tasks that need your own personal attention.  


  • Marketing Strategies & Campaigns

  • Writing (Content Marketing, Blogging & Articles)

  • Typing Skills (90 WPM)

  • Social Media/Networking Consulting & Use

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Web & Print Content Development

  • Working with CRM programs (SalesForce, Zoho CRM & others)

  • Knowledge of Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and various SEO/Keyword tracking programs

  • Worddpress, Blogger, Typepad and other blogging platforms.

  • Working in a fast paced environment

  • Experience with Paintshop Pro, Animation Shop & Photoshop

  • Designing Promotional Material

  • Extensive SEO & Relevancy Experience

  • Working with Microsoft Office

  • Extensive knowledge of Social Media platforms.

Work Experience

> LexisNexis (2012-2014)

Lexis Nexis is a large corporation that assist law professionals in many aspects of their business.  My function with Lexis Nexis was as a Social Media Consultant and SEO Analyst.  This meant that I was in charge of working with various law professionals to market them, their Google+ and LinkedIn sites as well as optimizing their websites for the best results.  

With select clients I also wrote optimized blog posts and business articles to enrich their websites and add more content that would engage their potential clients.  This required extensive industry-based research on my part in order to write about law topics.

> New View Windows (2013-2014)

I was contracted by New View Windows to re-design their website, create an e-mail campaign and to create engaging content for their website.  I also assisted the owner by managing their calendar, helping with on-site events & event planning and fulfilling orders for the company.

> Advanstar Communications (2013-2014)

Advanstar Communications is a UBM owned company that focuses on event marketing.  I was responsible with working within the pharmaceutical and medical division focusing on e-mail and content marketing.  I was contracted to work with them to develop and design their e-mail campaigns as well as sending out their e-mail blasts.  I scheduled and maintained Webinars, created engaging content for their mailing lists and organized their calendars and contacts.  

InCharged (2013)

InCharged is a start-up that is determined to bring portable charging stations to every major attraction in the United States and Internationally.  I was contracted as a Social Media Consultant and Content Marketer to assist with internet visability and to engage their clients through optimized content on their website and blog.  Although I know a lot about cellular technology and mobile charging, I did have to do quite a bit of industry-based research in order to come up with topics that would engage potential clients, market the product and brand and stand out from the competition.



> Moore College of Art (2003 - 2005)

I was a 2D Fine Arts Major with a minor in Digital Photography.  While this has nothing to do with my current industry, it does help me to keep a creative and open mind.  I see things in a different way because of the art background that I have.

> Art Institute Online (9 month program)

Received a Certification in Webdesign/Multimedia

> Penn Foster College (2012 - present)

am currently studying with Penn Foster College in the field of Business Management with a specialty in Internet Marketing.