Infopoint Virtual Solutions

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a professional that can assist your business with various administrative and Social Media tasks to free up your time and save you money.  A Virtual Assistant (or VA) will work with your business to ensure your tasks get done the way you want them to and in the time frame that you need.  

Is a Virtual Assistant Considered an Employee?

You can read our blog post specifically on this topic right here.  A Virtual Assistant is not considered an employee of your company.  VAs are independent contractors that take care of their own health insurance and taxes. In other words, we save you time and money by being business owners ourselves!

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

We do!  We currently accept PayPal and also use a secure third party billing server for those who do not wish to use PayPal.  Our other payment methods include: Personal Check, Business Check & Money Order

How Do You Track Your Time?

We track our time using software called Toggl.  It is a live time tracking system that allows us to use a running clock to determine how long we have been working.  Sometimes we also lose track of time and we want to ensure that we are working the appropriate hours that you contract us for.

Do You Have a Home Office?

Why yes we do!  We have a fully stocked home office that we work out of for your convenience!  Our home office includes our computer (fully stocked with our VA programs.), a printer, scanner, fax machine, a locking file cabinet for your privacy and security and our mobile devices that help us to stay connected with you, our client!

How Do I Communicate With You?

Once you sign on as a client of Infopoint Virtual Solutions, we provide you with our cell phone number that is specifically dedicated to serving our clients.  We are also available to communicate via private e-mail, skype, Yahoo Instant Messenger, AIM or text message.  Remember, we are always on call for our clients.

Who Do You Work With?

We have had clients of varying types in the past ten years.  We've worked with lawyers, real estate professionals, authors, artists, entrepreneurs, recording artists (Imagination Movers), bloggers & youtubers and also some larger companies as well. (Nick JR, Libman, Carmex, Berry Jane, etc...) We work with, research and familiarize ourselves with clients from any industry.

What is Your Turnaround Time?

This is something that cannot be predetermined until we speak personally about your project.  Once we have our free consultation, I can get more of an idea of the services you need.  From there, I can estimate a great turnaround time for you and your business.  We do work quickly and efficiently so if you have a project coming up that has a tight deadline, we can work with you!

Isn't a Virtual Assistant More Expensive?

A Virtual Assistant actually saves you money.  How you ask?  When you have an in-house employee you are paying for the employee's sick time, vacation time, benefits, taxes and HR paperwork.  You are also paying for the time that they are not being productive. This means personal phone calls, personal social media time, personal time surfing the web, lunchtimes, etc...  When you contract a VA to work with you, you are only paying for the time that the Virtual Assistant is sitting at their computer and working for you and your business.  You only pay for the hours and projects that YOU need!

How Do We Exchange Files?

Clients frequently send us files by mail, e-mail, fax, hand delivering (if you are in our general area) or the internet.  When you share VIA the internet, we set up a dedicated cloud based account specifically for your business and sharing files between one another.