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How You Can Stand Out on Social Media

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how you can stand out on social media

There are millions of users on each and every social media platform per day and that equals to twice as many tweets, posts or pins that get sent out.  It may seem virtually impossible to stand out among all of the others on social media and may seem even more impossible to stand out among the top influencers in your niche, but you can do it.  It only takes one person to share your social media content to really bring visibility to your brand, so you need to know just how to stand out among the other posts in someone's social media feed.  

Be Social on Social Media

It's easy to send out a few tweets or posts per day and go on to do your other work, completely forgetting about your social media networks until the next day.  Unfortunately, the set it and forget it mode doesn't work if you really want to stand out from your competition.  Audience engagement is the key to success here.  It's important to turn on your social media notifications so you will be able to see if someone comments on one of your posts.  

If your audience asks you a question, answer as quickly as you possibly can.  If your audience comments on a post, comment back even if it's just with a quick, "Thank You".  You need to build relationships on social media and engage with your audience so that they know you care and so that they know there is a face behind that brand.  Your followers want someone to care about them and they want to know that you know they are there. 

Add Value

Adding value is essential for any brand to succeed.  Whether you add value through your website, blog posts or social media, you need to give your audience something that will be useful to them; something that they need.  There are a few ways that you can provide value to your audience:

  • Anticipate problems or questions that your audience may have and offer tips.  
  • Provide outstanding customer service on social media and go above and beyond.  If you see someone asking a question about your business, go ahead and answer it.  Even if their question is directed to the general public and not specifically directed towards you, take the initiative to reply back to them.
  • Provide your audience with other resources other than your own to aid them with any questions or comments that they may have, even if the question isn't necessarily about your product or brand.  
    • For example - You're browsing your feed and you see that one of your followers is having a problem with the battery life on their iPhone.  Now your business has nothing to do with iPhones or their batteries, but you know a great article about battery life.  Provide that value and reply to them with a link to that article.  
  • Ask your audience for their input about a launch, new product, new service, etc...  People absolutely love to have a say in the R&D process.  Let them feel like they're involved, let them feel like their input makes a difference in the product.

Keep Up with Social Media Trends

Every smart social media marketer knows that you have to keep an eye on the trends every single day.  You can quickly find the trends for the day on Twitter and Facebook by looking on the sidebar of each platform's page.  Browse through the trends to see if any of them fit your business or a product that you currently have.  If anything strikes your fancy, go ahead and use one of those trending keywords or hashtags in your post.  This can possibly bring a lot more visibility to your business or brand by just a simple post with a trending keyword or hashtag!

Add a Visual Element

If you browse through your feed you will probably see mostly posts that are all text based.  There may be a few that have photos, but not many.  Most people are visual and are interested in anything visual, also visual posts stand out more predominantly on social media feeds.  You should definitely incorporate a photo or infographic into your social media posts so they will be eye catching and will have a better chance of being seen.  The photo could be a behind the scenes photo, an exclusive photo of a product or the header image from your new blog post.  Go ahead, try it!

Know Your Audience

I wrote about finding out who your target audience is a few months back and that is the topic of this bullet point.  You need to know who your audience is and you need to find out what they want.  One tip to finding out what your audience wants is to look at your trends on your social media networks.  What posts are getting the most likes or replies?  That's most likely exactly what your audience wants.  This takes some trial and error, but once you figure out exactly what they want, you will be on a roll.  Another way to find out what your audience wants is to do a little R&D.  Poll your followers and ask what they want.  Do they love when you post videos? Tips and tricks? Behind the scenes photos?  This will help you to know exactly what they want so you can deliver.