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Tasks that Writers Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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8 tasks that writers can outsource to a virtual assistant

Whether you're a professional writer, content creator or a business who writes their own blogs you will probably find that you don't have time to combat all of the everyday functions of writing.  A virtual assistant can help to ease the burden by taking care of essential tasks that you may not have the time for or desire to do on your own.  Instead of half-assing a project, you can ensure that you have all of the information you need to create amazing content and to get it out there to your audience.  Here are ways a virtual assistant can help with your writing:

Researching Topics

Who has time for researching topics while you're a busy entrepreneur?  Although researching is a long and sometimes tiring process it's still essential to your business and writing.  Instead of having to do hours of research on your own, your virtual assistant can handle that aspect for you.  Your VA can take on the task of researching any topics that you provide and send you an email, document or spreadsheet with their findings on your topic.  This will help you to get your writing done quickly and easily without the burden of finding the information yourself.

Creating an Editorial Calendar

Every business and writer should have an editorial calendar.  Whether this is for blog writing, article writing or planning your creative writing, you should know what you have to do each day in order to get to a final and finished product.  Your VA can help you to create an editorial calendar from any topics or deadlines that you may have!  We'll take on the administrative planning and you can focus on using that editorial calendar to pump out great content!

Assisting with Keyword Research

If you're writing to publish on the internet keywords and SEO are extremely important.  While you may not know what keywords may be the best for your content your virtual assistant will know exactly what to research and will send you a list of effective keywords for your content.  Most virtual assistants are experts in optimization and while you can write your content, we can make sure that content is found amongst all of the others on the internet.  

Correspondence & Email Management

Email management is important for every business and every industry and I can't stress enough how important it is for you to delegate this to your virtual assistant.  A virtual assistant is experienced in inbox management and organization and we can shave hours off of your day by taking care of this for you.  We can ensure that you see any important emails that may come through and weed out the rest.  We can even take care of correspondence for you so you don't have to compose an effective email while taking care of many other business functions throughout your day. 


It's suggested that you proofread a post yourself and have someone else proofread it for you once you're done writing.  To be honest, you can't have enough people to proofread a post, make sure it flows, make sure it's error free, etc...  Your VA, who is also a content specialist, will look over your post to make sure everything is ready for publishing.  If we catch any errors or feel that the flow of the post isn't  up to par, we will make suggestions or let you know what should be changed.  Having a second set of eyes on your writing will help to ensure that your writing is the best quality and ready to be published. 

Sending Drafts

Do you need to send a draft to a publishing company, client, etc...?  This can be a task that you may overlook or not necessarily have time to do on your own.  Your VA can handle this for you to ensure that those drafts get to the right people on time.  We want to make sure that all of your deadlines are met and we will do everything in our power to help you out with those time-based tasks!

Social Media Management

Social media is essential to your business but not something that you'll always have time for.  We can help to upkeep your social media, schedule your posts, keep your audience engaged and manage all functions of social media for you.  This is something we enjoy and are very experienced with, so let us take on the task!  We know how to market your content and your business so that you actually see a return on your investment.

Are you a writer who needs help with your business?  Infopoint Virtual Solutions can definitely help!  We've worked with many writers and content creators to make their business easier.  You can schedule a free discovery call and we will work together to free up some of your time!