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How a Virtual Assistant Can Save You Money

Virtual AssistantKristin RumianComment
how hiring a virtual assistant can save you money

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who work for businesses virtually from their own home office.  They handle a variety of administrative, financial, social media, marketing and other tasks that businesses can delegate to them in order to free up some time.  What most businesses don't realize is that they can save thousands of dollars per year by hiring a virtual assistant instead of hiring an in-house employee.  These savings can equal an upwards of $24,000 per year, which is huge!

Virtual assistants don't require space in your office

Since virtual assistants work remotely from their own home office there is no overhead for you to hire them.  They have their own equipment, their own supplies, and their own tools.  You don't have to take up any additional desks in your office as you would if you had to hire an in-house employee.    

Virtual assistants only charge for time actually worked

Virtual assistants use various time tracking tools to track the time they spend working on a project.  Each week or month, depending on your preference, they will send you an itemized list of their time so you are able to see what you're spending your money on.  Since virtual assistants track their own time and are professionals who do this for a living, you don't have to pay for lunches, smoke breaks or personal calls or time spent surfing the web and not focusing on work.  Let's be honest, all employees spend time on nonsense every once in a while and you're paying for that time.  

You don't have to pay benefits or costs for onboarding

Since virtual assistants are independent contractors you don't have to pay onboarding costs or benefits.  VAs pay for their own insurance, their own courses, and their own training, you don't have to put in any more effort unless you have to train a VA on a program that your business uses.  

No extra expenses

You don't have to pay a VA for vacation or sick pay, you don't have to give them bonuses like you would a regular employee and there's no missed work due to inclement weather.  Virtual assistants will work even in a blizzard since there's no need for them to transport themselves to a job.  You can rest easy knowing that your work will get done no matter what! 

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is actually one of the smartest things that you can do for your business.  Let's chat and see how Infopoint Virtual Solutions can help your business!  You can click here to schedule a free discovery call/consultation and we can talk about the options to free up some of your time!