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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You With and During Travel

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how a virtual assistant can help you with travel

One thing that a virtual assistant can do for your business is to manage your travel but that's not all.  What about your clients or customers while you travel?  Sure you may have every intention of working while traveling but traveling is tiring, especially if you are going somewhere where there is a change in time.  What if there's a delay?  I guarantee you the last thing you'll want to do when you finally get to your destination is work.  Having a virtual assistant can definitely come in handy during times of traveling and I'll give you some main reasons why.

Travel Research

Whether you're traveling for personal or business, there is so much that goes into the planning phase of traveling.  Primarily, you have to research different accommodations in order to make an educated decision about your bookings.  Trying to find the best value for flights, hotels, rental cars, restaurants or things to do when you get there, etc...  It's very involved.  While we all love to travel sometimes we don't exactly enjoy researching and planning in order to get there.

A virtual assistant can take on that travel research for you.  We can find the best prices for any accommodations you may need and can also research things to do when you get to your destination.  We can take away that frustration in order to give you the best options for your travel so that you can choose what works for you.  

Putting Together an Itinerary

Okay, so your travel is completely booked and you're a few weeks out from your trip.  Traveling can be confusing and if you're traveling for business you may have many things to do upon reaching your destination.  Your VA can put together a detailed itinerary for you from any business emails you receive regarding your trip so the only thing you need to do is show up.  This can free up hours from your travel planning and allow you to relax leading up to and during your trip. 

Rescheduling or Changing Plans

If an emergency arises and you have to reschedule or change your plans it's a very involved process that no one wants to do.  Your virtual assistant can hop right on this and reschedule or change your plans for you.  Your VA will sit on the phone with your airline or hotel so you don't have to listen to that elevator music for hours.  

Now, how can a Virtual Assistant help with your business during travel?

Social Media Upkeep

Even when you're traveling you still need to upkeep your social media.  Sure you can schedule and automate your content postings while you're away but what about customer/client engagement?  It's just as important to keep the lines of communication open on social media as it is to keep up your marketing efforts while traveling.  Your virtual assistant can keep an eye on your social media to answer any customer inquiries, concerns, mentions, etc...  We can keep the engagement going when you're away so you don't have to focus on social media while you're gone.

Email Management

Organizing and managing your inbox is tiring and frustrating on a normal business day and especially tiring and frustrating during times of travel.  Let your virtual assistant manage your inbox for you so you don't have to go through tons of junk mail and newsletters while traveling in order to find those important email updates.  We can organize and categorize your mail for you including letting you know of any important or time-sensitive emails that may arrive. This will reduce your stress during travel and allow you to enjoy your trip

Appointment Setting

Just because you're away doesn't mean that your entire business halts for the time you're away.  You'll still receive emails regarding future appointment requests that should be taken care of immediately.  Your virtual assistant can manage and set those appointments for you when you're away so you don't have any missed opportunities.  

Call Forwarding

Taking sales and customer/client calls while away can be very important for your business but not always something that you want to do.  While you're away forward your customer service line to your VA.  They will take care of those calls, continue assisting with sales and keep up your customer engagement and satisfaction even when you're away.  


Every business has many different expenses when they travel and when they get back from their trip they usually spend hours going through and categorizing receipts.  Who wants to do that when they return from a trip!?  Instead of going through your receipts on your own your VA will do that for you!  What I usually suggest to my clients is snapping a photo of a receipt when they get back to the hotel for the night.  Your VA will then organize and categorize those expenses into your bookkeeping program so you don't have to do it yourself.  

As you can see, a VA is extremely helpful during times of travel for business or leisure.  We can help make your trip smooth, seamless and relaxing so you don't have to concentrate on keeping your business going and customers happy while away. 

Do you need help with travel or any other part of your business functions?  Infopoint Virtual Solutions can help to make your business easier to manage!  Contact us today for a free discovery call and we can work together to come up with a plan for your business!