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Boosted Post vs. Facebook Ad - Which is Better?

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boosted post vs facebook ad

When marketing on Facebook you have two options; a boosted post or an actual Facebook ad.  Which one is better?  Which one will yield better results? Which one should you use to promote your business? 

Boosted Post

When you write a post on your Facebook business page you will probably see a button on the bottom right of your post that says "Boost Post" .  

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 9.42.16 PM.png

Once you click the "Boost Post" button you will get a page with options, similar to that of a Facebook Ad. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 9.43.23 PM.png

These options include:

  • Objective
  • The option for a call to action
  • Audience options
  • Budget options

In general, the options for a boosted post are a little less complex than Facebook Ads and are great for those just starting to use paid marketing options on Facebook.  Your boosted post will show in a user's News Feed and that user will be determined by the demographic options you choose when boosting your post.  Basically, boosted posts are glorified Facebook posts that you pay for to extend your Facebook reach.  The reason most people boost a post on Facebook is to gain likes, shares, comments and occasionally clicks. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are the most common way to advertise on Facebook.  Unlike boosted posts, Facebook ads have advanced targeting options and allow reach a larger demographic of individuals due to the options that you can select when creating an ad.  Facebook ads will be found on the right sidebar of Facebook and will be static towards the bottom of the sidebar until that user refreshes their page.  Because the ad is static while the user is scrolling down their newsfeed, there is more of a chance for your ad to be seen and clicked on. 

Which Should You Use?

I've used both of these options to promote in the past and I think they're both great options.   Boosted Posts should be used when you either want more engagement on a post, want more engagement on your page or have a post that is regarding a class, event, opt-in or anything that may catch the attention of a user.  

Facebook Ads should be used when you want to actually promote your business and your call to action.  There is more of a chance for a user to click on an ad than click on a call to action on a boosted post.  

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