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How to Correctly Pitch a Blogger

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How to Correctly Pitch a Blogger

Many businesses are harnessing the power of influencer marketing by partnering with various bloggers.  Bloggers are a very powerful community because of their readership and the trust they've built with their readers.  Since they've built that trust and rapport with their community, their readers are more likely to listen to anything they endorse and are more likely to try and buy what they write about on their blogs.  

The one problem and one complaint among the community is that businesses don't understand how to correctly pitch a blogger and this can become very irritating to the blogger.  I'm going to share the correct way to pitch a blogger so your email doesn't end up in their trash.

Know your budget

Before you contact the blogger that you want to pitch you need to make sure you know the maximum that you are willing to spend for a collaboration.  If you only have merchandise to give in exchange for a review, that's okay, but that may limit the number of bloggers that are willing to work with you.  Remember that many bloggers do require compensation for a sponsored post because their time is valuable and their blog is their business.


Know the blogger you're pitching to

When you're writing the pitch for your blogger don't just write "Dear Blogger" as your salutation. Take the time to find the name of your blogger that you are pitching to and address them correctly. You can easily find this information on the About page of the blog or even the way they sign their blog posts; if they sign their blog posts.   Most bloggers will disregard a pitch if they aren't addressed by name because they feel that you didn't take the time to know who you are pitching to.

It's also very important to do your homework on the blogger that you're pitching to.  

  • Do they have a page where they give information about collaboration requests? If so, go to that page and make sure you read through it.
  • Do they require payment or do they accept merchandise?  It's important to see if they specify this on that page as well.


Always contact a blogger by email

It's always proper to contact the blogger by email because not everyone checks their social media DMs.  However, if the blogger has a page specifically about collaborations, see what they prefer by reading through that page.  Some may welcome DMs and some may have a separate email for pitches and collaboration requests.


Tricks to Pitching Your Product

1. The subject line of your email is important.  Clearly state what the email is about or your email may get deleted and trashed by the blogger.  Use your brand name and let them know that it's in regards to a collaboration or sponsored post request, that's the best way to get your email read and not ignored.

2. Know the blogger's niche/subject matter and let them know how your product or service could help their audience.  If you're pitching a weight loss supplement and the blogger posts about parenting, I doubt they're going to accept your pitch.  You need to make sure that your product or service matches their content. 

3. Make a personal connection with the blogger! When you write your pitch let them know that you've read through their blog and know what their website is about.  You want them to know that you made an effort to get to know them, this will help the blogger feel more connected to you and it will make them more inclined to accept your pitch. 

4. Let them know what you're willing to give them in exchange for their sponsored post. REMEMBER, NO BLOGGER WILL FEATURE A BRAND FOR FREE, so please don't ask them to write a sponsored post out of the good of their heart.  In fact, most bloggers will find this very insulting.

5. Let the blogger know how they can contact you regarding any questions they may have.  Make sure that you list all of your contact information so they can ask for clarification on anything regarding the sponsored post or collaboration.  Most bloggers do want to contact a business back and speak with them prior to accepting a pitch.

Just know that some bloggers may negotiate with you regarding price if they think that your asking price is too low.  This is why it's essential to figure out what the maximum you're willing to pay would be.  Be open to negotiating because bloggers know what their time is worth and all bloggers charge different rates.  If a blogger doesn't get back to you within two weeks it's okay to send a follow-up email.  Bloggers are usually busy and replying to you may have slipped their mind.  Be kind and polite in your follow up email and don't seem like you're pressuring the blogger to make a decision right then and there. 

If you need assistance with writing pitch emails, contact Infopoint Virtual Solutions for a free discovery call.  We can most definitely help you write a powerful pitch that will get seen and responded to by a blogger!  Let's talk!