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Why I Would Make a Great Virtual Assistant for Your Company

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why im a great virtual assistant

While I don’t like to toot my own horn or shine the spotlight on myself I do feel like I should write a post about myself and my abilities.  I write so many posts about why you should delegate tasks as a business owner and how important a virtual assistant is to your business but what do you know about me exactly?  Not too much!  

I started my virtual assistant business back in 2007 when my eyes were opened to the industry.  In 2007 there weren’t too many virtual assistants and the industry was still growing, business owners were just learning about the advantages of hiring a VA and in-house employees were still the way to go.  Many business owners laughed at the idea of outsourcing tasks and projects to an independent contractor and in a way I understood.  People are frequently apprehensive about the unknown and things that are new but little did I know that the VA world would turn into such a wonderful place.  

While I worked my business on the side I worked as a Social Media Strategist and SEO Professional for a few different companies including LexisNexis and AdvanStar Communications.  I learned a lot more about the world of social media and optimization and soon excelled in my position.  I worked out of the house in social media and SEO for 3 years until I realized that my VA business was growing by leaps and bounds and made the difficult decision to leave the workforce to take on a job becoming my own boss full time.  It was one of the most difficult decisions that I ever made but I’ve always been a go-getter, I like to take risks in order to gain a reward and this was a risk I was willing to take.  

Having eleven years of experience as a virtual assistant has taught me so many important lessons and given me a sense of pride at what I’ve grown for myself.  I’m passionate about what I do and I love every minute of working with my clients.  

So why exactly should you choose me?

1. Passion and Dedication

I absolutely love what I do and am fully dedicated to my job, my business and my clients.  I love working to help make businesses flow easier and love the fact that I can free up more time for the clients that I work with.  Most clients are stressed beyond belief when they first contact me and I’m happy that I can ease that stress for them by taking on some tasks that have been cluttering their everyday schedule.  Helping others is my absolute passion.

2. Learning New Industries

I’ve worked with many different professionals in the past from bloggers to lawyers to doctors to real estate companies.  When starting with those clients I knew little to nothing about their industries but I did my homework.  I researched everything I could about those industries and became extremely knowledgeable so I could help them with what they needed help with.  I became so familiar with those industries that I was able to get those tasks and projects done quickly, efficiently and with excellent feedback.  One thing I can say about myself is that I absolutely love learning and researching.  

3. Organization

I am an organization freak and anyone in my family can tell you that as fact.  I work with three different planners and have everything organized in detailed folders on my external hard drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, phone, etc…  Some say it’s a problem that I’m so organized but I feel that the extent to which I am organized is necessary for the industry that I work in.  Organization is key to successfully managing clients and getting work done and I think that’s one of my glowing qualities.  

Extensive Skills

I have many past positions that have given me many skills that I use today in my business.  In the past, I have worked as an office manager, SEO professional, and social media strategist.  All of these positions have given me skills that I can continue to grow as I progress in my business.  All of my administrative skills have come from my years as an office manager and my social media/SEO skills have come from my years working with LexisNexis and Advanstar Communications.  I have a 30-40% conversion rate on social media and internet marketing and have amazing success with optimizing social media networks and websites.  

Infopoint Virtual Solutions mission is to:

  • Save your business money since hiring a VA will cut out costs of overhead, paying for time employees don’t put their all into working, paid lunches and benefits.

  • Work on the highest level of professionalism with our clients and offering grade A customer service.

  • Providing you with an extensive skill set and familiarity in many different industries since we have been in business for eleven years.  We’ve worked with many different clients over these wonderful eleven years of business.

  • Develop a great working relationship with our clients and build their trust as a valuable asset to their team and business.

When I first started this business I had no idea that eleven years later I would still be able to help businesses with their productivity and social media presence.  My driving force is when I see clients satisfied with my assistance and when they have less stress due to finally being able to delegate tasks.  

If you are struggling in your business and are thinking about hiring a virtual assistant, schedule a free discovery call with Infopoint Virtual Solutions.  Together we can work out a plan that best suits you and your business so we can relieve that stress and start delegating together!