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6 Qualities of a Great Virtual Assistant - What You Should Look for Before Hiring

Virtual AssistantKristin RumianComment
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A virtual assistant is one of the best investments an entrepreneur can make for their business productivity and everyday tasks.  Due to many factors such as no overhead, only paying for actual productive time and no benefits, a business will save thousands of dollars a year utilizing a VA instead of hiring a full-time, in-house employee.  We are basically a second set of hands for your business that will get those mundane but important everyday tasks done quickly and professionally so you can focus on what matters most in your business.  The only question most business owners have is; “How do I know what to look for in a Virtual Assistant?”


You want and need a VA that you can rely on.  You have enough going on in your business, you don’t need to be checking up on them hour after hour to ensure that your tasks get done on time.  Make absolutely sure that your VA can handle your task load, ask them their current turnaround time and make sure they can get your tasks done by the due date.  You need a VA that can take your task and run with it by themselves, someone who is independent and can work quickly and efficiently on their own.


Your VA should be able to find answers to simple questions on their own without having to contact you constantly.  While communication is important, you don’t want someone who is going to be asking you to constantly clarify technical words or directions.  Your VA should be able to conduct research on their own if they don’t understand something and only come to you if they have a specific question about a task or project.  


This may seem like a hard one to figure out but you will know if your VA is confident in themselves by the first meeting.  They will project confidence by:

  • Sounding confident about their skills

  • Sounding confident that they can help you with your tasks

  • Knowing what they’re talking about when they are speaking with you

Are they confident in their knowledge of your industry? Task? Project?  If your Virtual Assistant isn’t too knowledgeable about your industry, ask if they will do research before beginning their work with you.  A good VA wants to learn more about different industries and will do extensive industry research before starting on a contract with a new client.  

If you feel like your VA is unsure of themselves, they may not be the best fit for you and that’s completely okay.  There is a VA for everyone and you’ll just have to shop around a little more.  


When you speak to a VA on their discovery call you should feel like they’re extremely enthusiastic and passionate about what they do.  After all, we become Virtual Assistants because we love to help others and want to help others.  You don’t want to hire a VA that sounds frustrated and like they’re obligated to help you just because they want a client, they won’t produce the best work.  Virtual Assistants who are enthusiastic and love what they do perform at an exceptionally high level on a daily basis for their clients and they’re proud of their work.  


Two other qualities that a Virtual Assistant should possess is the organization and the ability to multi-task.  When you're a VA you will have multiple projects going at once and it's essential that a VA keep those tasks and projects organized and be able to work on more than one at once while still keeping quality and professionalism at a very high level.  To find out if your VA is organized, ask them their organization methods; ask them if they're able to multi-task and how their workflow currently is. 


A professional VA knows how to get the work done properly and knows that they need to get the work done in a timely manner.  You can definitely sense a VA’s professionalism by the first impression they make when they speak to you.  Do they sound professional?  Do they ask about your business as well as telling you about theirs?  Are their contracts and information sheets branded to their business?  

Every Virtual Assistant is different and every one of us handles tasks and clients differently but these are the main qualities that you should look for in a VA.  Just remember that some VAs are just starting out and may not have the strong branding but do have amazing skills and knowledge that can take your productivity to a higher level.  You have to go with your instincts and do what feels right for yourself and your business.

Infopoint Virtual has all of the above qualities as well as a high level of professionalism.  We have been in this industry for over 10 years and have helped many businesses reach their full potential of productivity.  If you’re interested in speaking with us regarding your business tasks, please schedule a free discovery call.  Together we can find the best path to get your tasks done right!