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Essential Online Tools for Business Productivity

Business ProductivityKristin RumianComment
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Every business owner searches for their holy grail online business tools to maximize their productivity and make their business easier but it's so difficult with all of the apps and tools out there.  Through the 10 years that I have been in business, I've found many different tools that are essential to my business, my workflow and my ultimate productivity.


Skype is one of the main tools that I use to communicate with my team.  I hold video and audio meetings with my clients and team over Skype and find this online communication tool one of the most valuable tools that I could possibly have on all of my devices.  With Skype you can not only have video and audio meetings but also share your screen so your clients or team can see a presentation or for training purposes.  


I cannot say enough about how Trello has helped me with my personal and business productivity.  Trello is one of those must have tools for any business owner because it's so versatile and a completely blank slate for anything that you want to use it for.  I mainly use it for planning get togethers, to-do lists, my editorial calendar, workflows, business documents/functions, etc... 

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 6.09.14 PM.png

The above is a small snapshot of just one section of my Trello boards, trust me, there are more boards if you scroll down.  As you can clearly see, I use this tool for absolutely everything and I don't think I would be able to live without it.  To me, Trello is one of those holy grail business tools that make such a difference in my organization and productivity.  I definitely suggest you try it!


This is another one of those holy grail business tools that I feel make such a difference in my organization and productivity. I mainly use Evernote for a ongoing working to-do list, daily to-do list, I forward all of my important e-mails to Evernote so I can organize them, financial and receipt organization, etc...  Evernote is my receptacle for anything important that I need to save in order to pull back up at a later date.  I actually wrote a blog post about Evernote the other day and explained the features and possibilities of how you can use this tool. 


I definitely suggest that you try Evernote if you haven't yet.  There is so much that you can do with this tool and I promise it will make a huge difference in your business.


Omnifocus is an app that I just started using and absolutely love.  It does cost $39.99 for the desktop version for iMacs but the iPhone and iPad apps are completely free. (Though they do have in-app purchases.)  

Omnifocus is basically a productivity tool for task and project management.  I tried many other task and project management tools in the past (I used to use Asana) but I soon switched to Omnifocus after using it for just a week to try it out.  I love the ease of use, I love that you can see the progress you're making on a project and I love that you can put tasks into the Inbox to sort out at a later time when you're processing your Inboxes.  This app is really one that I don't think I can live without and will continue using for a very long time.  If you're looking for a new task or project management app, I think you should definitely try Omnifocus.


ConvertKit is a great tool for e-mail marketing and is feature packed.  ConvertKit costs anywhere from $29.00 a month to $79.00 a month depending on how many subscribers you currently have, which I think is very reasonable for a great e-mail marketing tool.  This saves me a lot of time because you can automate sequences, schedule e-mails to go out, attach files that you want to send to your subscribers, create forms, etc..  


This is the holy grail of online photo editing and graphic creation.  I use Canva for absolutely everything and have kicked Photoshop to the curb for simple graphics that I need to create quickly and easily.  Canva has really outdone themselves with their features, ease of use and pre-created templates if you aren't too graphics savvy.  

You can use Canva for free but you can upgrade to Canva For Work ($9.95 a month) that includes team collaboration, importing your brand colors, logo, font, etc... and many other features that are very essential to business owners who create graphics for their business, clients or blogs.  

Hootsuite & Buffer

Hootsuite and Buffer are two of the best social media automation tools that you could possibly use.  I used to use Hootsuite but I switched to Buffer just because of personal preference, honestly.  With Hootsuite & Buffer you can schedule your social media posts, track analytics and make your social media marketing 100% easier.  Personally, I love automation and I jump at the chance to automate anything that I possibly can. 

Both apps are generally free for a small amount of connected social media accounts.  If you want to connect more than the allotted amount of accounts you will need to upgrade for a minimal monthly payment.  These two apps are extremely affordable, very reliable and automation tools that I couldn't live without.


I found out about Calendly from a client and have been using it ever since.  Prior to using Calendly I was using another scheduling app that I wasn't too much a fan of.  Calendly allows you to integrate with your Google or Apple calendar for ultimate organization and productivity.  It also allows clients to schedule blocks of time for meetings, consultations, etc...  This is a great tool that I highly suggest if you're looking for a new scheduling tool for your business!