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How to Be Healthy When Working From Home

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Working from home and owning your own business is definitely a rewarding experience but staying healthy when you're working from your home office can be a challenge.  Between always sitting at your desk and being tempted by delicious foods in your kitchen, sometimes we have a hard time fighting temptation.  Here are some ways that you can be healthy while working from your home office.

Choose a Good Chair

If you work from home, odds are that you'll be sitting in your desk chair a lot and for long periods of time.  Sure, it's easier to choose the cheapest desk chair from your office supply store but you might be hurting yourself, your back and your posture.  It's important to choose a chair that:

  • Has lumbar support for your lower back or (better yet) has an adjustable lumbar support to fit the exact shape of your lower back.
  • Are adjustable in height and position and a chair that has adjustable arm rests.  This will help you to keep your monitor right at eye height and will allow your elbows to rest comfortably at a 90 degree angle from your keyboard.
  • Is fabric - While this isn't a necessity, fabric is preferable.  This will allow your chair to stay comfortable at all temperatures.  Leather (or pleather) chairs can occasionally be too hot or too cold depending on the climate where you live.

Get Up Occasionally

While it's so easy to sit in your comfortable and ergonomic chair all day it's also very important to get up every so often to stretch your legs.  The general rule of thumb is to get up and walk around at least one hour a day but I say to get up once every two hours for a quick stretch or walk.  This will keep you energized and will keep your body moving and therefore blood pumping throughout your body!  Go ahead and take that one hour lunch break as well, go for a walk, exercise or just spend an hour doing something for yourself.  Sitting at your desk all day isn't good for your body or your mental health!

Create a Relaxing & Inviting Environment

Since you'll be in that office all day every day, it's important to create a relaxing, soothing and inviting environment that you will want to be in.  While creating that environment for yourself, remember to use soothing colors, reduce distractions and keep your desktop uncluttered!  While it's easier said than done, keeping your desktop clean and uncluttered will allow you to focus and concentrate fully on your work than the clutter on top of your desk.  

Healthy Snacks

When you're working from home it's so easy to go to the kitchen and grab a quick and unhealthy snack but too many of those quick and unhealthy snacks aren't good for you.  Make sure you stock your kitchen with healthier options that you can quickly grab to take back to your office. Portion out healthier snacks into ziploc bags for easy grab and go, stock your fridge with veggies or fruits that are easy to grab and be mindful of what you grab when on a snack break.  Healthier snack options will help you to keep your energy up and they will allow you to feel better throughout your work day.

Have a Support System or Accountability Partner

Working from home can sometimes be lonely and it's something you can get accustomed to very quickly.  It's important that you have a support system or accountability partner that you can vent to, ask for advice and someone who can keep you on track when you're having one of those less than motivated days.  Some simple ways to do this would be to join a forum dedicated to those business owners who work from home, join a Facebook group for your niche or industry or join some LinkedIn groups.  These will allow you to be social while still working for yourself.  

Another great option would be hiring a Virtual Assistant.  Your Virtual Assistant can not only help you with office tasks but can also be a sounding board for those days when you need someone to talk to.  A VA can help you stay accountable and on track; they're much more than just office assistance!

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