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How to Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant for Your Business

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How to Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Owning your own business is hard enough without having to burn energy on smaller tasks that can be outsourced.  If you feel burnt out, stressed out and feeling like you don't have enough time to complete all of your tasks, it might be time to find a Virtual Assistant for your business.  

While you may be tempted to hire an overseas Virtual Assistant who charges $2-$5 per hour, please be aware that those Virtual Assistants may not be the best choice for you and your business for the reasons noted below:

  • English is not their first language, so it will be hard to communicate with them
  • Their skillset isn't as extensive as United States Virtual Assistants
  • Your work will (most likely) not get done as quickly and efficiently as if you hired within the US

But where do you find Virtual Assistants and how do you find that perfect Virtual Assistant for your business?

Honestly, in order to find the perfect Virtual Assistant for your business, you need to do some homework and research.  There are tens of thousands of Virtual Assistants in the United States and each has their own areas of expertise, niches, and personalities.  You're going to need to find a Virtual Assistant that:

  1. Has the expertise and knowledge to complete tasks for your business
  2. Has a personality that works well with yourself and your business
  3. Can get your work done in a timely manner 
  4. Have rates that fit within your budget

Where Can You Find Virtual Assistants?

Twitter - Virtual Assistants constantly hang out on Social Media, so tweeting that you are looking for a VA can yield many results for you and your business.  Once you get a few responses back from VAs you can begin the process of visiting their websites, reading about what their areas of expertise are and asking the potential VAs the questions you need to ask them.

Facebook - Facebook is probably one of the best places to find a Virtual Assistant because of the groups.  There are tons of groups out there that focus both on Virtual Assistant networking and job postings for VAs.  Groups will allow you to read through some threads to see if you can find a VA that fits your business or you can post a thread stating that you're looking for a VA and weed through the responses that way.  Facebook is a much quicker process than Twitter and a place where businesses and VAs both find success.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn is similar to Facebook in that you can join VA groups and post that you need a Virtual Assistant.  LinkedIn is more geared to professionals, so you may want to use it in conjunction with Facebook in order to get more options and possibly find a better fit. 

Virtual Assistant Sites - There are some websites such as VA Networking and IVAA that have listings for Virtual Assistants.  There you can see photos of potential VAs, read about their past experience and expertise, and figure out from there which VA will suit your business the best.

Google - Another option is doing a simple Google search for VA's in the specific field that your business falls into.  You will be able to see results from all Virtual Assistants that match your search, view their websites, read about them and their experiences and contact the VA(s) that you feel fit.

Networking - If you know any other business owners who have hired a Virtual Assistant, ask for recommendations. Your colleagues would have worked with their VA for an extended amount of time, they can give you honest feedback about the way they work and you can know, first hand, how their services are.  

UpWork & Similar - Websites such as UpWork can help you to find a Virtual Assistant but be aware that a lot of VAs on this website are international.  As stated above, it's much better to hire a VA from the United States to prevent any language barriers, misunderstandings or the VA not understanding the work that needs to be done.  Yes, international VAs can be cheaper, but the quality of work will be very low.

What Happens Once You Contact a VA?

Once you contact a Virtual Assistant they may either want to schedule a phone consultation or they may send you a questionnaire via e-mail.  Make sure you tell them important details about your business, the specific tasks that you are looking to be completed and ask any questions that you feel fit.  

If the Virtual Assistant's rates are too high for your budget, you can try to see if they will work with you.  There are some VAs out there who are willing to work with a business's budget and tweak their rates while other VAs have their rates 100% set in stone.  Be respectful of the Virtual Assistant and their rates, VAs price themselves the way they do because of what they can offer their clients.  A beginner VA might have lower rates because they're just starting out while a well-seasoned VA will have higher rates since they can offer more to their clients.  

Make sure you ask the VA about their availability because you don't want to be blindsided if they can't complete a task within a deadline that you need something to be completed.  Some VAs work with many clients at a time while other VAs limit themselves to just a handful of clients at any given time.  If your tasks will take more time to complete, you will want to find a VA that doesn't have too many other commitments so your work can get done on time.  

This might sound pretty cliche, but you will just know when the right VA comes along.  Their personality will work very well with yours, they will have enough time in their schedule to complete your tasks and they will have the right area of expertise in order to complete your tasks correctly.  

If you are currently looking for a Virtual Assistant, why not set up a free consultation with Infopoint Virtual Solutions?  I have been a VA since 2005 and have successfully helped many clients with business tasks that they needed outsourced!  Contact us now!