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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Manage Your Blog

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how a virtual assistant can help you manage your blog

Blogging is very important to any business but it could definitely be time-consuming and very difficult to maintain as a busy entrepreneur or business owner.  I've seen so many business owners whose blogs ended up like an abandoned ghost town because they've let their blog fall to the wayside.  Unfortunately, that is a very bad idea since blogs are such an important part of marketing your business.  

A Virtual Assistant can be an asset to your business and your blog because they can take the wheel and navigate your blog back to success.  Let me give you an idea of just what a VA can do for your blog.

Maintain Your Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar (or content calendar) is a way for you to plan out your blog posts for the next 1-2 months.  I personally feel that an editorial calendar is important because it will ensure that you have enough content for the next 1-2 months and it will also allow you to see what is coming up next on your blog.  

While editorial calendars are very essential to any blog they can also be very hard to maintain depending on how detailed you go with your calendar.  A Virtual Assistant can take control of your calendar and schedule posts for the month, mark posts as draft/scheduled/posted or moving blog posts around if you feel the need to change a date.

Write/Proofread Content

Writing blog content can sometimes seem like something that can be put off while you run the other aspects of your business.  Let me be the first to tell you that if you put off that blog post it will never get written.  A Virtual Assistant can create content, write that blog post for you or even proofread a post that you've already written.  They can make sure that your post flows well, has correct spelling, grammar and punctuation so that you don't end up with a messy blog post that your readers won't want to read.

Market Your Blog

Every blog post should be promoted no matter how short it is.  This will bring more visibility to your blog and it will also let your readers know that you have a new blog post for them to read.  Let a Virtual Assistant help you promote your blog on social media so that you can direct traffic to your new, amazing blog post.

Optimize Your Blog

By now every business owner knows how important SEO (search engine optimization) is to your blog and business.  Everyone wants to see a good amount of organic traffic to their website and blog but most business owners don't know how to accomplish getting their site indexed well in the search engines.  A Virtual Assistant who specializes in SEO (Just like Infopoint Virtual) will be able to assist you in optimization.  They will be able to go through all of your blog posts to make sure that they are all optimized properly so they can be indexed in the search engines.  Once your blog posts are optimized, watch that organic search engine traffic roll in and watch your visibility grow.

Take Care of the Technical Aspect

A Virtual Assistant can take care of the technical tasks of owning a blog such as updating Wordpress, updating plugins for your blog, etc...  These tasks may seem small and mundane, but they are essential for the upkeep of your blog. 

Take Care of the Administrative Aspect

Keeping up with blog comments is an essential part of good customer service, especially if the commenters have a question for you regarding a product or service.  This may be hard for you to keep track of on your own, but a Virtual Assistant will be able to keep on top of this and get those comments managed in a timely manner accurately!  This will help with your engagement and your customer service rating for your business.  

Now that you see what a Virtual Assistant can do for your blog, maybe it's time to consider outsourcing one for your business.  Let's talk!  You can get a free 30-minute consultation with Infopoint Virtual Solutions so we can find out what would work for you and your business.  Contact us now to schedule your free 30-minute consultation.