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Tips for Marketing Your Business on Instagram

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Tips for Marketing Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms because it promotes visual sharing instead of text heavy posts.  The population of internet users absolutely love anything visual because it is pleasing to the eye and easy to scroll until something catches the eye.  If you perfect your photo abilities and keep everything neat and beautiful, you will have success on Instagram,


This may sound like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many businesses I see that do not have strong branding across their website and social media platforms.  The first and most important tip that I can ever tell you is to keep your branding consistent among all platforms.  Your business name should be your user name (or some slight variation of your business name), your profile photo should be your logo and you should keep as true to your business voice as possible while posting.  In a world where user names can be similar to one another, you want your audience and your following to know that your Instagram is, in fact, your Instagram.  

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere and Instagram is no different.  Using hashtags on Instagram is very important because that is the main way that new followers find you.  Remember to use popular keywords that are low to medium competition for your hashtags.  (You can do some research on these keywords through the Google Keyword Tool)  

I also suggest that you take advantage of the trending topics on Instagram.  You can find them on the "Search" page and these can really help your marketing efforts.  If there's a trending topic that you feel you can post about, go ahead and do it!  It might bring you some new visibility that you wouldn't have had otherwise.  Even though this might divert from your business, every so often it's okay to make posts that aren't generally about your business.


Just like with every other social media platform, engagement with followers is important.  If anyone has a comment or question that they reply with, go ahead and answer them.  If someone direct messages you, write back to them as soon as you possibly can.  I also suggest that you comment or like some of your followers' photos as well, this gives more of a personal touch and shows that you care about them.  

Theme Your Photos

On Instagram, aesthetics is key.  Make sure that your photos flow together, look attractive and have similar coloring.  You want everything to look very pleasing to the eye and coordinating so your main profile page looks professional and beautiful.  Filters and Instagram's photo editing tools are key to helping theme your page.

Utilize Photo & Video Posts

Using both the photo and video post options will help to give your page a little more of a personal touch.  Post a video of one of your products, a behind the scenes in the office or even just a quick tip that you think your followers would be interested in. Be creative, have fun but still be professional and keeping to your brand's voice. 

Add in Your Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are an amazing way to capture those e-mail addresses that every business owner is after for their newsletter.  Even though you can't link an actual clickable link within Instagram posts, you can still post your lead magnet.  The way to do this is to put the link to your landing page in the "link" field of your bio and once you are creating your Instagram post, add your blurb/pitch and add "LINK IN BIO" to the end of your post.  This way, if someone is interested in the lead magnet that you are essentially advertising on your Instagram, they are able to go to your bio and click right onto your landing page. 

Run a Contest on Instagram

As with every other social media platform, running contests on your Instagram page can drive a lot of traffic depending on how you approach it.  Unlike Facebook (who has lightened up on their policies for giveaways and contests), Instagram doesn't have too many rules.  The only main rule you need to follow is to add a disclaimer that the promotion/contest/giveaway is not sponsored nor endorced by Instagram itself.  

Some contest ideas could be:

  • Asking your followers to:
    • Like your post and follow your instagram to win
    • Tagging a friend in the comments section to win
    • Take a selfie with your product and tag you to win
    • A "Caption This" contest

And so on...

These are just some of the more popular and effective ways to market your brand or business on Instagram.  In order to market yourself on a platform like Instagram or Snapchat, you just really need to be strategic and creative.