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What Are Actionable Goals and Why Are They Useful in Business?

Goal SettingKristin RumianComment

Every business owner and entrepreneur sets short-term and long-term goals for themselves and their business and - let's face it - sometimes we sit staring at those goals extremely perplexed.  They may seem extremely difficult to achieve or sometimes they may even seem impossible depending on the goals that you set.  As tough as they may seem to be, never give up on those goals.  Goals are what you, as the business owner, ultimately want to achieve with your business.  You set the goals incredibly high because you know that achieving those goals will be the ultimate reward for all of your hard work and dedication to what you do.  

So how can you feel like you're making steps towards accomplishing those goals?  There is a way.  It's not a secret nor is it a quick fix to get to your goal; it's a progression.  They are called actionable goals.

What are actionable goals?

Actionable goals are smaller goals that act as a road map to a much larger goal.  Think of them as stepping stones; each actionable goal (stepping stone) will lead you to your ultimate short-term or long-term goal.  Sometimes larger goals can seem extremely overwhelming, but actionable goals make your larger goals much more manageable and do-able.

Why should I set actionable goals?

Simple.  They will help you to take baby steps to your goals and they will also keep you motivated when you see your actionable goals being checked off.  Each check will mean that you are that much closer to your main goal!  They give you a clear picture of what you want to achieve and act as a roadmap to show you how to get there.

How do I set actionable goals?

  • Take each short or long-term goal and write them down on a piece of paper.
  • Look at each of your main goals and see how you can break them down further in order to make them more manageable.
  • Actionable goals are usually task-based goals that you can accomplish weekly, monthly or even bi-monthly.
  • Every month, revisit your main goals to see if you can further break them down into smaller actionable goals.


Main Goal: Get x amount of new clients this year.
Actionable Goals:
Post consistently on Social Media platforms, promoting website & blog posts.
- Send out mailers to prospective clients
- Participate in x amount of networking events this quarter
- Reach out to past clients for referrals
- Reach out to past clients for testimonials

See?  That main goal has smaller "mini-goals" that are task-based and branch off of that goal of getting a certain amount of clients in a year.  You can most definitely break that goal down with more tasks, but it's best to start with a small number of tasks first and expand as you check some off your list.

In totality, if you keep using the method of creating actionable goals, your business will perform better and you will see that you are making steps towards that main goal.  It will give you a clear picture of the progress that you are making with your efforts!

Do you currently make actionable goals for yourself and your business?