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Why Your Blog Might Not Be Working for You and Your Business

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Your Blog Isn't Designed with Business in Mind

When designing a blog for your business, it's important to keep in mind what the goal of your business is.  Do you sell professional services?  Jewelry?  Toys?  Stationary?  Clothing for a specific niche?  A blog designed for a Business Consultant is going to be a lot different than a blog designed for a toy business.  Business Consultants tend to be more professional in image while a toy company is going to be much more cutsey with much different graphics.  

Listen, I'm a very creative minded woman and when I first designed this website I included custom made cartoon graphics of a Virtual Assistant and included a lot of cutsey graphics.  I don't think it really deterred people from reading my blog or viewing my website, but who knows, maybe it deterred potential clients from actually contacting me.  I eventually went through a huge rebranding and decided to brand my website and blog much more professionally and I saw results within a few days.  

Another reason your website design could be hindering your business is that your navigation isn't easily accessible or your website or blog.   You need to make sure your visitor knows how to navigate to different pages on your website and you need to test it out on multiple browsers/mobile.  Make sure your design is compatible with every single device there is!

Just be hyper-aware of your brand, your branding and your professionalism for your industry when creating or designing a website and blog.  There may be a chance that your design could possibly be hindering your business and client flow.

Your "About Me" Page Doesn't Clearly Describe Who You Are

Yes, people know your business, they read about your business and they may even be interested in your products or services; but they also want to know about you.  Your readers, visitors and potential clients want to know that there is a person behind that computer screen.  They want to know who you are, what's your motivation to succeed, how and why did you start your business, etc...  Give them some background on you and your experience.  Go ahead, brag!  If someone is going to be hiring you for a certain task or service, they want to know all of the experience that you have before making their decision.  Your "About Me" page is your place to shine and is also a place for complete transparency.

You Do Not Have Clear Photos of Your Product

If you sell a certain product(s) and blog about each new product launch, make sure you have clear photos of your product and the purpose of your product.  Go ahead, post a video demonstrating your product or take a photo of your product in use.  Give your reader a vision of every single way your product can be used.  Potential customers need to feel that they absolutely positively need that product in their lives.  They need to know that their life would be so much easier if they had your product in their hand for their own use.  

You Aren't Promoting Yourself Enough or Your Blog Isn't Optimized Enough

Blogging for business/profit isn't a set it and forget it type of thing.  Sure you can write a blog post and let it sit there without promoting it, but you may only get a few views trickling in from (maybe) organic search results.  If you actually promoted your blog post on various social media platforms, you would see a huge influx of traffic to your promoted post.  I highly suggest that your post be shared to every social media platform that you can think of to maximize your return on time investment.  Share it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even Instagram (if you have a visual type of post).  

Optimizing your blog and posts is also another important ingredient in getting more traffic to your site.  

  • Do research on how others are optimizing their blog posts
  • Do research on keywords and long-tail keywords that are low to medium competition but have a high search rate and utilize those keywords throughout your post.
    • Use them in your title
    • Your subtitle
    • H1 & H2 Headings
    • Within the first paragraph of your post
    • Within the body of your post
    • Within the conclusion of your post
    • In the Meta description
  • Optimize your images by using keywords in your file name
    • By using your keywords in the ALT tags on your photos
  • Add links to internal (within site) related posts or add links to trusted external related sites.

You Make Readers Subscribe Before Reading

While it's completely acceptable (and a great option) to have a call to action within your blog or website, some people get thoroughly annoyed when they're hit with a subscribe box before even reading any content.  Try not to have a pop-up subscribe box immediately as the visitors enters your site unless you have a freebie they can receive by joining.  This is probably a very small issue that not many people see as an issue, but I have heard that it is very unfavorable to some readers.  

Instead of having a pop-up subscribe box immediately come up, try to stagger it throughout the time the reader is on the website.  You can also put your subscribe box on the top in your header or at the top of your sidebar.  If your reader likes what they see, they will then subscribe to your mailing list.