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Biggest Misconceptions about Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual AssistantKristin RumianComment

It's too expensive to hire a Virtual Assistant

If you really think about hiring an in-office employee and all of the costs that come with hiring that new employee, you will see that hiring a Virtual Assistant is actually a much cheaper option.  When you hire an in-office employee you have to also pay:

  • Background checks to ensure that the employee is 100% clear of any felonies or blemishes on their record.
  • Benefits
  • Lunch Hours
  • Vacation Days
  • Sick Days
  • Benefits (health/vision/dental)
  • All of the overhead, business supplies, office space, etc...
  • And probably other fees in order to hire that employee.

Sure, Virtual Assistants may charge an upwards of $50 per hour, but that's all you're paying for that VA.  You're not paying benefits, sick days, vacation days, etc... because the VA is an independent contractor.  Being an independent contractor means that the VA is not an employee of your company.  They work for themselves, they're responsible for their own insurance and they're responsible for their own taxes.  

Think about how much you may be paying for an employee with all of their benefits and perks and then calculate how much you will be paying for just a few hours per month for a VA.  You will clearly see that a VA saves you thousands if not tens of thousands per year.  You're also getting someone who is dedicated, motivated and only charges the client for working hours.

My Business is too Small to Justify a Virtual Assistant

You may think your small business is too small to justify hiring a Virtual Assistant but in reality, no business is too small for a VA.  Think about yourself walking into your office (or home office) and seeing the huge list of things that you have to do that day.  Checking e-mails, booking appointments, confirming appointments, work on your Social Media, post on your Social Media profiles, make travel arrangements, coordinate speaking events, etc...  Whatever your tasks may be.  You may get absolutely overwhelmed by seeing that long list of things that you have to get done and feel discouraged.  Now, imagine walking into your office, hopping on a call or Skype call with your Virtual Assistant, and hearing all of the tasks that your VA has already accomplished for you and what they plan to accomplish that day.  

A Virtual Assistant takes on those tasks for you so that you can focus on the big picture of your business; growing it and succeeding.  No business is too small when you have important tasks to get done. 

VA's Work From Home, Therefore They Don't Put Their All into Their Work

Established Virtual Assistants (like Infopoint Virtual Solutions) work regualr business hours for their clients.  Not only do they work regular business hours, but they work extremely hard to get tasks and projects completed for their clients.  They work on your delegated tasks first and foremost and put their all into the work they do.  Imagine having someone solely dedicated to helping you knock out tasks and assisting in the success of your business, because that is what a Virtual Assistant does.

99.9% of Virtual Assistants have a home office that is fully stocked and allows them to stay focused on the task at hand.  Working from a quiet and peaceful environment actually allows them to work harder and get more done than a traditional in-office employee.

You Can Only Delegate Smaller Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

While some Virtual Assistants only work with Virtual Reception tasks (GVA's), others do so much more.  Virtual Assistants (such as Infopoint Virtual Solutions) also assist with:

You really have to know what you want to delegate to a Virtual Assistant and then search for a Virtual Assistant that specializes in your niche.  (Again, such as Infopoint Virtual Solutions!)

Virtual Assistants are Only for Short-Term Projects

This completely depends on what you need the Virtual Assistant for.  If you have a large project coming up with a strict deadline that you may not be able to handle yourself, a Virtual Assistant can collaborate with you to complete that project on a temporary basis.  However, most Virtual Assistants and small business owners work together long-term on many different tasks.  This is because a Virtual Assistant has a wide array of skills and experience and is able to knock out many tasks for a business owner.  

Some Virtual Assistants start working with clients on a short-term to temporary basis and then have business owners sign on as long-term clients.  Again, it all depends on your business needs.

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