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Defining Your Brand Strategy and Brand Identity

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Branding and staying true to your brand are probably the most important parts of a business.  Your brand represents you and your business and it is what your clients or customers know of what your business is.  It's important to come up with a strong brand identity and strategy in order to stand out among the competition.  After all, your brand is what differentiates you from the rest of your industry.

So what are the basic parts of defining your brand? 

  • Get or create a logo that represents your company and use that logo across all of your Social Media accounts.
  • Write down and know your brand message, mission and vision statement.
  • Create and use a catchy tagline.
  • Write everything you create in the voice of your brand.

In order to really define a strong brand identity you need to know:

  • What are your most important and popular products and services?
  • Why are you unique? What makes you stand out from your competitors?
  • How do you think others could describe your brand?

Your Logo & Tagline

Look at your logo and ask yourself if it's a strong logo.  A strong logo will be one that stands out, is creative and describes your business at first glance.  Your logo is the first thing you see when your customer enters your website, looks at your product, walks past your store, etc...  It has to be a good one!  

Your tagline is something short but sweet that would go along with your logo (most often!).  Our tagline is A Virtual Solution to Your Business. Which is just what we are! We work with business virtually to help them with some tasks that they may need to delegate.  Your tagline should describe creatively what you do and how you help an individual.  (Another example is Walmart - "Save Money, Live Better".)

Your Mission Statement

Now let's focus on your mission statement.  This is something that you may or may not want to post on your website, but it definitely should be part of your business plan.

Your mission statement states the purpose of your business and what you stand for.

  • What is your business' purpose?
  • What does your business do to address your customer or client needs?
  • How does your business stand out among the competition?

Your mission statement should be fairly short, to the point and be informational about your business.  It should be persuasive and motivational to the customer and it needs to grab them and make them understand what you are about.

Your Business' Voice

Say what?  Yes, your business has a feel and a voice that should be felt immediately by the visitor.  This is exactly what you feel or sense when you walk into a brick and mortar store; the atmosphere.  Only with most businesses, your atmosphere needs to be felt from your website and writing.  This is most often coined as your "Brand Voice".

Consider this:

  • Is your brand serious and to the point?
  • Is your brand purely professional?
  • Is your brand young and hip?

Let's take Infopoint Virtual as a quick example.  We are professional but fun at the same time.  I like to be informative and to the point with my writing but I also like to be casual and fun.  So my brand voice would be just that, professional but casual and fun!

What is your Value Statement?

The value statement is a basic statement that isn't usually much longer than three sentences.  It explains your mission, what you offer and also uses your voice.  This is called a value statement because, in short, it describes what value you bring to your customer.  Let's take ours as an example for a second:

With layoffs on the rise, we strive to assist businesses with administrative and marketing tasks in a cost effective manner. We can lessen your stress and take a load off your plate by taking on those tasks that are daunting while you focus on the main aspects of running your business.

While our value statement isn't the best one that I've ever heard, it works for our business.  It's casual but professional and states the main services we offer and what we are about.  It also shows our mission: Assisting businesses with tasks and cutting their costs.  It works for us and you have to do the same; write what works for you!

So you're telling me that our logo isn't the only thing that goes into branding?

Yes, I've been asked this before and the answer is no, it's not.  Your logo is a large part of branding because, at first glance, it identifies your company and differentiates your company from the others -- but it's not everything.  Branding is the absolute combination of everything that we've covered that sets you apart.  Your logo, your tagline, your mission statement, your value statement, your voice and your website.  

If you need help to create a brand strategy or identity, Infopoint Virtual can help!  Simply contact us and we can work together to create a strong brand that works for you!