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Google Goes Mobile Friendly on April 21, 2015 - Are You Ready?

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About a month and a half ago Google announced that Google Bot will rank sites with fully optimized mobile versions higher in the searches than websites without fully optimized mobile versions.  This is definitely going to have a huge impact on search results and on website viewership since mobile searches make up about 40-50% of all searches on Google.  In fact, some sites without mobile versions could probably see a 20% (or more) drop in their viewership and analytics.  

While quite a few people were shocked by this announcement from Google, quite frankly, I was not.  After all, Google did say (a few months back) that they were planning on making changes to the way that they ranked websites with mobile versions versus non-mobile sites.  I am also not surprised that they made this decision because of the sheer amount of mobile searches that are done each and every day.  For most individuals and business owners, their smartphones are part of their being and mobile searching is second nature to them.

I have seen some debate on whether Google means all search results or just mobile search results and this has confused some people.  With Google stating, "Users will find it easier to get the relevant search results that are optimized for their device."  and also clearly stating the phrase "Mobile search results" I feel that this change will only affect those using Google search on their mobile devices and not desktop searches.

That said, I am not downplaying how this could affect millions of businesses and websites because in the grand scheme of things, I'm sure mobile search results get close to the amount of desktop searches there are.  I do highly suggest that websites that are not mobile-optimized take the steps forward to make your site mobile-friendly so your viewership isn't stunted.  

How to Check if Your Site is Mobile Optimized?

Google has a Mobile Friendly Test that will let you know if your website is properly optimized for their big change coming up in the next two weeks.  Just click here > Google's Mobile Friendly Test < and drop in your URL.  If your site is optimized correctly it will give you a result like the one shown below for our website.

If your site is not mobile friendly it will also let you know and will give you some direction towards what you can do to optimize your site. 

You should also take a look at their Google Developer's tool Pagespeed Insights which will let you know if your page has any errors slowing down your page loading time and what you can do to fix the lags.  All you have to do is input your website address and it will quickly analyze your site and populate a list of what needs to be worked on. 

There is also a website that Google has to offer some guide towards making your website mobile-friendly.  You can check that out here Google Mobile Sites and get some insight into just what you should do to make your website mobile-friendly.  

If you're still stuck and don't know which direction to turn with this "mobile friendly thing", Infopoint Virtual Solutions can help you!  Just contact us and we can work together to make your website fully optimized and mobile friendly for Google's new big mobile change!