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Using Instagram for Business Marketing, It is possible!

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Instagram is one of the internets largest growing social media networks.  Monthly, Instagram has 300 million active users and 75 million active users daily.  Every single day over 1 million photos are liked. Those are absolutely great numbers and they’re growing every single day.  You can clearly see why using Instagram as part of your business's marketing plan can really open you up to a whole new market that you may have never targeted before.

Most people don’t think of using Instagram for business purposes; they think of it as more of a social network for teenagers and selfies.  I think that’s a completely crazy misconception, plenty of businesses are finding huge success on Instagram and swear by incorporating it!  Why not?  It is a social media outlet just as Facebook or Twitter is!

While you may not think your business has any photos to share, I beg to differ.  What about sharing a photo of a fun event going on in your office?  80’s day anyone? Or maybe sharing a photo of your office celebrating the Holidays!  Maybe a trade show your sales reps attended. What about just posting a photo of your office, where all the magic happens for your business?  Just like on any social media channel, experimentation is key when you’re just starting out.  It’s trial and error to see what attracts followers and what just doesn’t work for your business on Instagram.

As with any other social network, you can reach a whole new audience by hetworking on Instagram.  Network by engaging with the followers you already have, or using hashtags and following users within your industry.  Sometimes just looking at other Instagram accounts within your own industry could get the creative juices flowing and give you ideas on what to post on your own account.  While some advise against it, I strongly advise taking a look at your competition’s accounts.  What do they post?  What gets them likes, follows and responses?

If your industry or business is strongly product based, create excitement by giving sneak peeks and teasers about an upcoming product launch.  You could also take the products you have and showcase them in a very creative way. (Tic Tac and Sharpies do this well!)  Maybe show your employees using your products either in the office or in their own everyday life.  Showcase what you have!

Did you know you can also post 15 second videos on Instagram?  I think this is also a great way to showcase your business or products.  If you have a product, post a video of your product in use.  What makes it interesting?  What is a new way to use your product that your customers may not have thought of?

If you don’t have a product here are some ideas for Instagram video!

  • How does your business run?

  • Did your business speak at a trade show or convention?

  • Did something fun happen at your company picnic?

  • Have an employee (or you!) introduce themselves. This will also give your business a personal touch and make your followers feel like part of your business!

You could also create excitement by starting a photo captioning contest or maybe Instagram voting.  Post a few different versions of a new logo, new business card, a new product design, etc… Let your followers comment on their favorites or suggest new ideas.  I think this is another great way to make your followers and customers feel like they’re part of something bigger than just social media.

Why not take advantage of some of the popular trending hashtags on Instagram?  #TBT is Throwback Thursday and there’s also #takemebacktuesday.  Do you have a picture from an older point in your business that you can share?  Show how your business has grown since that point! There’s also #manicmonday in which people showcase their work and how busy they are, this could be great for businesses. Even the ever popular (and if you say you’ve never heard of this, you’re lying!) #humpday for Wednesday!  I see businesses posting a mid-week pick me up or showing how they get through that mid-week hump! There are so many ways and popular hashtags to get yourself right into the Instagram madness!

What about the best time to post on Instagram? I’ve heard that 5-7pm is the best time to post on Instagram, but you will really have to experiment.  While this may be the ideal time for some companies (and individuals) it might not necessarily translate to your business.  Your target audience may be online earlier in the morning, or maybe at lunch time, or maybe 5-7pm does work for you.  You can track your Instagram trends to find out what works best for your business.  

Here are some great tools for tracking Instagram metrics:

What are the most popular filters on Instagram? You don’t have to use filters and this honestly has nothing to do with marketing your business on Instagram.  I just thought this would be a fun little tidbit to add for some amusement and information.

  • Valencia

  • Earlybird

  • X-ProII

  • Amaro

So see? Even if you don’t think your business has anything to post on Instagram, it really does.  There are many ways to market your business on Instagram, even many more that I haven’t mentioned, and it’s all a matter of experimenting to see what works for you and what times work best for you.  Instagram is a way to be creative and show a different side of your business that your followers and customers haven’t seen.  Show the fun side, the side that creates the products or offers those services!  Even a way to introduce the team behind your success and give a face to your business name.  Instagram can really help to give your business that personal touch that some customers really want to see.

If you don’t know how to get started on Instagram, contact Infopoint Virtual Services by clicking here!  We can help you reach a completely different market that may not know about your business or services!  Why not start today?