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Who Are We?

Hi, my name is Kristin (but you can call me Jess if you’d like) and I have over 12 years experience working as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Professional. I have worked with many different companies including law professionals, real estate agents, construction agencies, small retail locations, small to medium businesses, entrepreneurs, entertainment professionals & more. In the past I have lead a team of 10 with LexisNexis and trained them on Social Media & SEO Strategies. (More specifically my title was SEO & Social Media Lead Strategist.)

My background in assisting companies with both personal/executive assisting tasks and Social Media Consulting (& SEO) is very solid and I feel that I have a lot to bring to the table.  I have the knowledge and understanding to help your business succeed and most definitely to reach your business & social networking goals.  

I offer remote (from my home office) or on-site work to assist your business with the administration tasks that can sometimes be too time consuming for you to handle on your own.  I also offer remote or on-site work for Social Media, creation, maintenance, consulting, search engine optimization, content marketing, freelance writing and many more tasks.  On top of that, I also offer personalized classes, seminars and webinars for you and your employees to explain how to utilize and make better use of Social Media platforms within your business.  

As your Virtual Assistant or Consultant, I offer full-time support to my clients.  Meaning, I am there for you if you come across any problems or task that needs to be completed quickly and in a time efficient manner. I offer many ways for you to connect with me at any point of the day or night.  I am also available for either a one-time task or an ongoing work relationship with you and your business.

Why did I start Infopoint Virtual Solutions?

Let's be honest, I used to be a work-a-holic.  I've always had this determination and drive to succeed in business and never wanted to have to worry or be in a financial bind. Well, twelve years ago my family and I had quite a lot of changes that came about and I couldn’t work outside the house anymore. I needed to find something to do so that I could work, stay home and still help out my family and ailing grandparents financially.  I spoke to some of my entrepreneurial relatives about what I could do from home and one of them actually suggested I check into learning about being a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Professional. Doing some research opened my eyes to a whole new industry and world that I probably wouldn't have known about otherwise.  Yes, I'm still a work-a-holic, but at least I am able to help out my family, stay at home with my kids and still make a difference in people’s lives.  Being a single mom at this point in my life, being there for my children when they need me is the most important part and helping others is my passion and a very rewarding experience.

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey right outside of Manhattan and that's where I still live with my two girls. Yes, I do consider myself a New York City girl since I spent a lot of my younger years there.  I adore New York; the culture, the diversity, the art and especially the theater.  I feel that being so close to a large metropolitan area such as New York City, Long Island and the other boroughs; it really gives me an advantage and allows me to travel to meet some of my clients that are based closer to me. Though I work with some clients in New York and the surrounding area, I have also worked with clients all over the United States and even a client in England!  

Now that you know a little more about me, I would absolutely love to get to know a little more about you, your business and what you need some assistance with!  So let's get started! Just contact me below and we can get started with your free consultation for our services!  If you just want to get started and have no further questions, you can click the "Schedule a Free Consultation" below and secure your time slot!

Want to learn a little more about me? You can check out my Virtual Assistantville profile where you can read an extended About Me

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